Crosscut Media was officially born in 2016, however our story begins way before that! We’ve been passionate about making video for over a decade, from just a couple of teenagers at college making videos for coursework, through our degrees and into the world of freelance, we have lived and breathed video for our whole adult lives. Having freelanced for some years, Crosscut was born after Duncan and Dan won a large contract on a joint-basis and decided to set up shop under one brand. Ever since then, the company has grown and developed in so many ways but has always retained one key aim: to provide an approachable, high quality service with a personality.

Old Photo of Dan and Duncan

Duncan and Dan, working on one of their first videos together as teenagers.

Meet the Team

So then, let’s meet the team that make up Crosscut Media!

Duncan MacLeod
Duncan MacLeodPartner

After studying a BSc in Media Production at De Montfort University, Duncan went on to become a freelance videographer, producing content for the likes of Eazi-Apps, Argos and Leicestershire County Council. Within Crosscut, Duncan takes on a number of responsibilities including camera operation, post production and 360 video stitching, as well as the day to day running of the business.

Favourite bit of kit: Canon C200

Dan Flanders
Dan FlandersPartner

Having studied his BA in Editing and Post Production at Ravensbourne, Dan started his career in broadcast television, working behind the scenes at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Following this, he made the decision to step into corporate video production and began freelancing, producing content for the likes of Rainbows Hospice, Argos and Big Difference Company. At Crosscut, Dan is responsible for camera operation, post production and live streaming, along with the day to day running of the business.

Favourite bit of kit – ATEM Vision Mixer

Jordan Dean
Jordan DeanVideo Production Assistant

After studying a BA in Film Studies, Jordan went on to complete two internships with Crosscut. After the second placement, he was offered the role of video production assistant within the business. Jordan does everything from shooting to editing but his passions lie within directing. Jordan is also currently studying an MA in international film production at De Montfort University in partnership with Pinewood Studios.

Favourite bit of kit: DJI Ronin-M

Miriam Bean
Miriam BeanAnimator

Miriam is a freelance artist and graphic designer with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Lincoln. Working with Crosscut on a number of projects throughout the year, she specialises in bespoke animated content, using the latest motion capture techniques to bring her illustrated characters to life. When she’s not drawing and rigging digital puppets, she works on a variety of creative projects, from art catalogues and children’s books to sound art and web design.

Favourite bit of kit: Wacom Bamboo tablet