The Nail That Sticks Out

During July 2018 we were involved in the filming of The Nail That Sticks Out, an ambitious short film directed by our very own Jordan Dean. The film's title is taken from the Japanese proverb “The nail that sticks out gets hammered back in.” The film examines the differences between cultures, with art and [...]

Journeys Festival International 2018

Journeys Festival International is a festival that celebrates the creative talent of refugee and asylum seeker artists and shares the refugee experience through great art. The festival is ran by ArtReach, and this year we had the great pleasure of being approached by ArtReach to film this years festival in Leicester. Filming over the two week [...]

The brand new Crosscut HQ!

Flash back to September 2016 when we moved into our first permanent office based at DMU's Innovation Centre. With just two of us in the office and a bit of kit, the new office was perfect. We had everything we needed and we weren't passing on stupidly high rent costs to our clients just so [...]

Leicester College in 4K

Back in December 2017, we were invited to pitch for the new Leicester College video campaign. The first video was to be aimed at prospective students, showcasing the facilities and to get a real feel for the college and their offerings. Leicester College also wanted to create a series of shorter, subject specific videos for [...]

How we created a fully interactive video story

We LOVE a challenge at Crosscut and are always looking to push the boundaries to create engaging video content. So when De Montfort University approached us with the idea of allowing students to control their characters outcome by making decisions within a video, we began working out exactly how it could be done. The idea, [...]

How exactly does this whole ‘video production’ thing work?

 We're often contacted and asked 'hey guys, we want a video but don't know where to start - how does this whole video production thing work?'. At Crosscut, we strive to provide a flexible, friendly and above all, simple service that makes your life as easy as possible when creating that all-important video content. [...]

LOROS Twilight Walk 2018

LOROS Twilight Walk 2018 was a roaring success! With over 2,500 women taking part in the 10K walk around Leicester city centre this years walk raised over £100,000! That's doubling last years total. We were so excited to be apart of this event, filming around the event capturing the carnival and circus atmosphere before hand, [...]

Crosscut welcomes DMU masters student

We're thrilled to announce that following on from two successful 6-week internships through De Montfort University's 'Graduate Champion' scheme, we welcome Jordan Dean as our newest member of the team. Jordan is working with us part time alongside his studies. Below is what he had to say... After finishing my degree in Film Studies [...]

5 Tips for Shooting Abroad


The thought of shooting abroad can cause a mixture of emotions for any video production company, photographer or videographer. The change of scenery along with the glamour of being able to tell people you're 'working over-seas' makes it all rather exciting, yet the thought of getting all of your expensive kit there in one piece [...]

Leicester Comedy Festival 2018

Leicester Comedy Festival 2018 is over! The comedy festivals 25th year (which makes it the UK's longest running comedy festival) took place between the 7th to the 25th of February, and we had the pleasure of (for the 3rd year running) filming all of the festivals social media content, photographing their events and taking control [...]