Our favourite 360 videos


Our favourite 360 videos As professional 360 and virtual reality content creators, we're constantly on the look out for awesome videos being released all over the world. Here are our current top picks! Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz This amazing animated 360 video is VR perfection. If you want to [...]

How to make a professional looking vlog


How to make a professional looking vlog Vlogs are a great way to add to your existing video content. They're relatively easy to make and you can make them to suit your schedule. However, if you are planning on producing your own vlogs, make sure you follow our top tips [...]

5 reasons animated explainer videos are a good idea.


5 reasons animated explainer videos are a good idea Catch your prospects eye There's nothing like a flashy, brightly coloured animation to catch people's eyes. An animation can help grab your potential customers whilst they're mindlessly scrolling through their news feeds. In that sense, it's a must for any digital marketing [...]

Our process and how we make it value for money


Our process and how we make it value for money. A lot goes into the video production process, and every single project is very different. This means that it's quite difficult to provide a step by step guide to a typical video production but we'll give it a go! Consultation This [...]

What makes live video so engaging?


What makes live video so engaging? If you have a smart phone and a Facebook account, you've most likely seen the 'This person is live!' push notification pop up whilst sitting around at work or home or on the train or just about anywhere! You've been tempted to, and probably have [...]

Why Are My 360 Videos Bad Quality?


Why are my 360 / virtual reality videos bad quality? 360 and Virtual Reality video has really taken off in the last 12 to 18 months. There are loads of cameras out there that allow you to create your own 360 video but what these products offer in terms of ease, [...]

Bespoke Animation

How bespoke animation adds value to your business. It's 2017; we don't need to bore you with stats about how much internet traffic is video based – it's a lot. With more and more videos popping up on your news feeds every single day, it's becoming increasingly important to make yours [...]

Cabin Zero Bag Packing


We at Crosscut Media teamed up with our Innovation Centre business neighbours, the travel Bag company CabinZero to create a series of bag packing videos. These videos feature the Military, Vintage and Limited Edition Flag bags all being packed with items you need whilst traveling, whether it be on an adventure or on a world [...]

Showreel 2017

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Over the past year we have worked on many projects, working everywhere from potato factories to comedy festivals, and we've decided to showcase some of our favourite bits in our latest showreel! The showreel features our work for companies such as Leicester Comedy Festival, Corrigo Design, RAF Association, NorPip, LOROS, De Montfort University, CabinZero, UK [...]

Rise Hall 360° Video Showround


In late June we teamed up with ProVenue Systems, to produce a unique 360 degree showround of the stately home Rise Hall. We used our Freedom 360 Go Pro rig to create a showround of each room in the stately home. Using 360 Virtual Reality in this way allows potential customers to become immersed within [...]