Project Description

We at Crosscut Media teamed up with our Innovation Centre business neighbours, the travel Bag company CabinZero to create a series of bag packing videos. These videos feature the Military, Vintage and Limited Edition Flag bags all being packed with items you need whilst traveling, whether it be on an adventure or on a world wide trip, all these items fit satisfyingly into a Cabin Zero bag. The videos were filmed on a white infinity wall, featuring; tracked text, crash zoom effects, jump cuts and hacking tips on how to pack efficiently.

We filmed these 3 product promos over 1 day in a studio, using over 40 different items packed into the 3 bags! We thoroughly enjoyed filming and editing these promotional videos, and are enjoying their use and feedback on Cabin Zero’s social media channels. These are not our only product promotional videos, we have previously filmed for companies such as Argos, Oneskee and Snap-On!

Travel Light with Cabin Zero Promotional Video