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We’re thrilled to announce that following on from two successful 6-week internships through De Montfort University’s ‘Graduate Champion’ scheme, we welcome Jordan Dean as our newest member of the team. Jordan is working with us part time alongside his studies. Below is what he had to say…

After finishing my degree in Film Studies at De Montfort University I went through DMU’s Graduate Champion Scheme where I secured a 6-week internship with Crosscut Media. During these 6 weeks I worked on a variety of projects including live streaming an Arts Council England event at Curve Leicester, and shooting a promo video for the Nevill Holt Opera Festival. After finishing my internship I continued to work with Crosscut Media in a freelance capacity whilst I began my Masters degree in International Film Production at De Montfort University. Through my course I have had the fortune to be based at Creative Media Skills at Pinewood Studios for part of the week working on a new film I am to direct. I have been able to work with the likes of Terry Bamber, Chris Kenny and Iain Smith over the last few months.


I gained a second 6-week internship with Crosscut Media at the beginning of 2018 and worked predominantly on covering the Leicester Comedy Festival. The Comedy festival was a great experience for me; it allowed me to work with an internationally recognised brand. Also, the festival is huge in terms of scale and requires us to work at a very fast pace which, for me, was a great way to learn as much as possible about covering a festival of this size.


After my second stint with the company I was taken on as a permanent video production assistant. Before I started with Crosscut Media I had very little experience with corporate video production, my experience was in narrative filmmaking. I have written and directed 4 short films, 3 of which have played at a combined 14 international film festivals winning 3 awards and have worked on the feature film, Acid Daemons, as a 1st Assistant Director. Whilst I have been working for Crosscut I have been able to develop my skills in all aspects of video production from camera work, editing and various softwares such as After Effects. I also had the chance to direct a short film for the RAF Association recently with Crosscut, which gave me great experience in working to a brief from our clients and shooting with a small crew to achieve the desired final product.


Working for Crosscut Media allows me to work on a whole range of projects that are completely different from each other. I get to learn on the job and develop my skills as a videographer and filmmaker. We work at a fast pace and there is always something new to start, which keeps you motivated and excited about the next challenge.

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