Project Description

It’s almost that time of year again! The Leicester Comedy Festival is here again, and as a run up to the full festival in February they host the Leicester Comedy Festival Gala Preview Show at De Montfort Hall. We showed up with our team of photographers and videographers to capture performances, photos and back stage social media content.

Whilst our photographers captured the gig in progress, we filmed backstage with Ed Byrne, Chris Washington, Flo and Joan, Sarah Keyworth and Bilal Zafar. We played games such as “Would You Rather“, “Trump of Guff?“, “Cards Against Comedians” and the “Plot of a film game“, all of which we had immense fun filming. We asked Flo and Joan whether they preferred to have “Thumbs for wine or wine for thumbs?” and asked Ed Byrne whether he believed Donald Trump said “Trump is a native American word meaning champion” – it isn’t.

We had an amazing response from the photos and the videos on the Leicester Comedy Festival social feeds, and we are thoroughly looking forward to filming the rest of the festival next month! Keep up to date on what’s happening during the comedy festival on the Leicester Comedy Festival Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Flo and Joan try to work out whether it would be better to have wine for thumbs or every time you pour a glass of wine, thumbs tumble out of the bottle. It’s a conundrum.

LCF 2018 Preview Show Comedians