Project Description

Back in December 2017, we were invited to pitch for the new Leicester College video campaign. The first video was to be aimed at prospective students, showcasing the facilities and to get a real feel for the college and their offerings. Leicester College also wanted to create a series of shorter, subject specific videos for use on social media. After pitching in person, over the course of a few months we worked with the marketing team at the college to create a creative brief to work from.

Leicester College Brief
All of our projects begin as a proposal detailing the creative and logistical aspects of production.

It was an absolute honour when we were awarded with the contract for Leicester College, and we quickly began working towards creating some really high quality content. There were a few elements promised within our pitch to make the most of the available budget and to ensure the videos stood the test of time.

1. 4K Video

Leicester College had originally stated that they wanted to use this content for a number of years and therefore didn’t want it to date quickly. We immediately jumped at producing everything in 4K for this reason. With technology moving so fast, we predict that 4K will become the norm for high-end web video within the next few years. With internet connections getting better and better, 4K technology is the next logical step for online video and so it was a no-brainer to shoot everything at this resolution.

2. Aerial Video

At the start of the process, we were asked whether it’d be possible to include some aerial video of the college’s 3 main campuses. With each campus being located in busy city centre locations, we worked closely with our drone pilot, Darren from DE-Designs to work out what precautions we would need to take in order to carry out a safe and legal flight. Drone shooting took place at first light (around 5.30am) on a Saturday morning to minimise the risk, along with 4 observers onsite to keep an eye out for both the drone and the general public.

Drone Warning Sign

3. Flexible and Efficient Set Ups

It doesn’t matter how well you plan a shoot involving so many people over so many days; there will always be something that doesn’t quite go to plan. As we were to be moving between multiple locations each day, we needed to ensure we had kit suitable for setting up and packing down quickly. We needed to think on our feet and make the most of every minute we had. Our flexible approach is something we pride ourselves on at Crosscut and this project was certainly no exception.

Crosscut Media Flexible

Throughout the production, we were regularly using our DJI Ronin Gimbal, our motorised slider and our trusty Canon C200. All of these worked together fantastically and allowed us to capture some really dynamic shots.

After 10 days of shooting across Leicester, we wrapped filming on the production and began the post production process. We had already decided on a music track to drive the video and create an upbeat, fun and aspirational feel to the end product. Shot selection was an interesting process as we’d captured such a huge amount. This meant that we had plenty to choose from to ensure we could highlight the wide range of courses available at the college. To integrate stats and selling points, we decided to rotoscope a number of shots to give the text depth within the shot.

Leicester College Rotoscope

We really enjoyed putting this together for Leicester College and without further ado, feel free to check out one of the videos below! If you like what you see and would like something similar for your business or organisation, feel free to get in touch.