Project Description

Our process and how we make it value for money.

A lot goes into the video production process, and every single project is very different. This means that it’s quite difficult to provide a step by step guide to a typical video production but we’ll give it a go!


This is your initial meeting with us. We prefer to meet in person if possible but we can also do this over the phone, by Skype etc. At this stage, we love to hear all about your business and why you require a video. We use it as our initial creative session, using the opportunity to explore ideas with you.

Initial Pre Production

Based on our initial meeting we’ll go away and produce our video production proposal. This will gather all of the thoughts we’ve had in our consultation and put them into a cohesive brief on paper so that we can see what we’re aiming for more clearly. As well of this brief, we’ll also include a rough plan of logistics of the shoot and an estimate. We see this as a working document and we’ll send it back and fourth until everyone involved is happy. Once the brief has been signed off, we can provide an accurate quote based upon the final plan.

Initial Pre Production Sign-Off

Up until this point, you’ve had everything free of charge. We don’t charge up front for these services as we use it as an opportunity to show you why working with us is a good idea.

Additional Pre Production

Some, more complex projects may require further pre production such as scripts and storyboards. Once the brief has been signed off by you, we start working towards finalising these important planning documents before the production commences. Sometimes we may also produce a ‘Quick and Rough’ version of the video which brings all of the ideas to life using stock images and music. This helps work out the pace etc of the final piece.


Phew! The pre production is done and it’s shoot day. Every shoot day is completely different but working with us gives you access to a whole host of professional, industry standard video production equipment to help capture your project in the most dynamic and high quality way possible.

Post Production

Editing is where the magic happens. It’s said that a video is made three times – once in pre production, once in production and once in post production. This is the last time all of that work is assembled so it’s important that we make it count! Post production is first and foremost, a process of storytelling. Once that’s done, we’ll check that it’s right with you. All being well, we’ll continue to add graphics, perform colour correction and all of the other final touches to create a polished end product.

So, in short, when paying for a 2 minute video, remember that it’s not just a 2 minute video that you’re paying for. If you have an idea you’d like to get the ball rolling with, head over to our contact page and get in touch to arrange your consultation.