Project Description

Flash back to September 2016 when we moved into our first permanent office based at DMU’s Innovation Centre. With just two of us in the office and a bit of kit, the new office was perfect. We had everything we needed and we weren’t passing on stupidly high rent costs to our clients just so that we could have a sofa and a pool table.

After spending the first 6 months of Crosscut’s existence in Dan’s spare room in his house – the office proved to be a huge success. Not only did it link us with talent at DMU and give us that all-important LE1 postcode, it also breathed a new wave of productivity into the way we were working. For 2 years, that little room saw a lot of action; from all-night edits for Leicester Comedy Festival, live streams for Wedding Academy Global and the drinking of approximately 785,100 cups of tea.

We’ll sure miss it, but onwards and upwards..!

Crosscut Media Old Office
After we’d first moved into our office, September 2016

After growing in people-power and our inventory of kit ever-growing, it was finally time to move. The Innovation Centre kindly offered us a vacant unit that had just come up and it was the perfect size for us, plus a little extra as we continue to grow. With three of us in the office most of the time, taking on Graduate Champions from De Montfort University, as well as the occasional freelancer was becoming increasingly difficult. In our new space, we have enough desks for all, and plan to build a brand new video server over the coming months. This will ensure scalability and a consistent and reliable service as we move forward.

But we didn’t just want a personality-less office space. We are big believers in how a nice space to work in can improve productivity, so before we moved in, we gave the unit a little makeover. Complete with our brand colour, orange, the new space also offers additional storage for kit, a large TV on the wall connected to all computers for easy feedback sessions and viewings and most importantly, a fridge for much needed editing snacks!