Project Description

During July 2018 we were involved in the filming of The Nail That Sticks Out, an ambitious short film directed by our very own Jordan Dean. The film’s title is taken from the Japanese proverb “The nail that sticks out gets hammered back in.” The film examines the differences between cultures, with art and personal expression also being integral to the narrative. The film also received support from the likes of Terry Bamber (Casino Royale, World War Z), Chris Kenny (Batman, Empire of the Sun) and Iain Smith (Mad Max: Fury Road, Local Hero).

All of Crosscut Media were involved in the production, Jordan directed, Dan and Duncan worked in the camera department as camera operators and Ashton (our intern at the time) filmed all of the behind the scenes content for the production.

The four day shoot was a fantastic, collaborative experience working alongside some very talented actors and crew. The film was shot on two Arri Alexa Classics with Cooke S7/i lenses which we were very excited to use. The Nail’s post production work took place mostly at Pinewood Studios where it received it’s final colour grade and mix, the latter was done by Oscar and BAFTA winning sound mixer, Chris Benstead. The film has turned out better than we could have expected and we are very proud to have been involved in creating this piece.

The film is set to be premiered at Leicester’s Phoenix Cinema and at the prestigious John Barry Theatre at Pinewood Studios before heading out onto the festival circuit in 2019.

Leicester College Brief
Duncan working with one of the Arri Alexa Classics