Project Description

 We’re often contacted and asked ‘hey guys, we want a video but don’t know where to start – how does this whole video production thing work?’. At Crosscut, we strive to provide a flexible, friendly and above all, simple service that makes your life as easy as possible when creating that all-important video content. As each of our projects are approached in their own special way, there are no templates or cookie-cutter processes here. However, this guide should explain the basics of how our service works from when you first email through to the delivery of your project and beyond.

The Video production process, Crosscut Media

Initial Enquiry

You’ve found us, hooray! At this stage it doesn’t matter how much information you have; whether you just know you want a video or you already have a full-blown creative brief, get in touch and we can let you know how we can help. If you have a brief, that’s great, if not, try to give us as much information as possible. What / who would you like to feature within the video? Who would you like to see it and how? Have you seen anything online that you like the look of and would like to replicate parts of in some way. Also give us an idea of dates if it’s a time-specific shoot like an event or you have a specific deadline.  Sit back, and let us do the rest. Often once we’ve received this information, we’ll send over a rough estimate to see whether you’d like to proceed. If the answers yes, continue below…

The Video production process, Crosscut Media

Our Proposal

Our proposals are generally broken down into 4 sections and are seen as a working document, meaning that it can be sent back and forth between us until you’re happy. Firstly, the intro which effectively summarises your verbal or written brief. This is crucial to ensure that our understanding of the brief is the same as yours. Think we’ve got the wrong end of the stick? Let us know and we’ll make sure we get it right.

The second part of the document is our creative proposal. This will give you an idea of the creative direction of the project including music, shot types, visual style etc. Where possible we’ll insert examples in here to really build up a strong image of what we’re trying to achieve.

Thirdly, it’s logistics. It’s all very well saying that we’re going to get these beautiful shots, but how? The logistics section drills down into the nitty gritty of the production, detailing equipment, crew, dates, locations as well as clearly explaining what is needed from you in order to make the project a success.

Finally, we’ll put together an itemised quote. This quote is entirely transparent and will show you the cost of crew, equipment, locations and any other services we may need to bring in.

Crosscut Media Video Production Process

Pre Production

Once the proposal has been signed off, we begin the pre production for your project. The amount of pre production required for each project varies substantially. Some projects (live streaming for example) require a lot of pre production whereas simple corporate shoots won’t require as much. During this time, we’ll arrange the hire of kit and crew if required, write up a shot list, produce call sheets for the crew and you (and anyone else who may be involved), as well as a whole host of other things if required. Pre production really is very much based on the complexity of a project but it is a crucial step to ensure production days go as smoothly as possible.

Crosscut Media Video Production Process


Everything is in place and we’re good to start production. Depending on the shoot, we may be on-site with you, or elsewhere acting on your behalf. The production involves capturing all the material we need in order to produce the content set out in the brief. Production time can vary from just one half day through to many consecutive days or even a mixture of half and full days dotted across a long time. The amount of time required for a shoot will have been detailed in the proposal, however varying factors can change this on the day. We’ll always keep you updated.

Crosscut Media Video Production Process

Post Production

The shoot has wrapped and now comes the editing time. Editing is the process where we process your footage and work through it, putting it together to respond to your brief and tell your story. Often during post-production stages, we’ll see an opportunity to tweak the brief slightly and may present this to you as a different option. Not only is the editing a creative process, but we can also produce a number of different output types for the likes of Youtube, Instagram, Instagram TV, Facebook, Twitter etc. Editing is also usually a back and forth exercise, with the average edit going through two to three rounds to ensure we’ve hit all of your key points and you’re entirely satisfied with the end product.

Sign Off and Aftercare

Once you’re happy, we’re happy, however it doesn’t stop there. Throughout the process, we’ll have supported you to decide where your content is going in order to get viewed. We manage channels for many of our clients and often upload and publish directly on their behalf. We want to ensure your video is getting results and you see a return on your investment. We sit on all raw footage for an average of 3 years (longer can be arranged) and so if you ever wanted to come back to it and repurpose the footage, we’re happy to do this for you, creating a far more cost-effective experience than starting again from scratch.