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How to make a professional looking vlog

Vlogs are a great way to add to your existing video content. They’re relatively easy to make and you can make them to suit your schedule. However, if you are planning on producing your own vlogs, make sure you follow our top tips to keep them looking professional!

Camera selection

You can pick up a pretty decent camera at a reasonable price these days, but your selection can make or break your vlogging success. Many people like using DLSRs due to their affordability and shallow depth of field. However it’s important to remember that the majority of cheaper DSLRs do not offer an autofocus setting, so unless you have someone there to film with you, and ensure you’re in focus they’re a big no no! There are many compact cameras on the market that offer high definition video and fully automatic settings, such as the Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii.


Take a look at any existing video content you have where someone is sat talking. It’s important to keep the camera at the same level as your head to avoid shots showing off your double chin from floor level or making you look like a floating head in the middle of a white wall.

Audio, audio, audio.

You can have the most incredible visuals that anyone has ever seen, but if they can’t hear you, all of that effort was for nothing. This is particularly important if you’re planning on using your smart phone. Invest in a decent lav mic (Rode do one specifically for iPhones). They’re relatively inexpensive and will ensure your sound is spot on.


Cameras love light,¬†and if you don’t have enough, especially if you’re shooting indoors, you’re likely to have no end of problems with your autofocus going haywire and an overly grainy image. A camera-top LED light sits neatly on top of your camera using the hot shoe and can produce fantastic results. Add a bit of grease-proof paper to diffuse the light for a less harsh, softer look.


No one wants to see you waffling on for 10 minutes. If you’ve got a key message you want to get across, get it done quickly. Just as people don’t have the time to read a block of text, they also don’t have time to watch the first two minutes of you talking about the new water cooler in the office, and the chances are, they’ll switch off.

Get some decent graphics.

Something as simple as an intro graphic with your company logo flying in to use at the start of each video will improve your production values no end. It also ensures brand consistency across your whole video library. Consider hiring someone to produce something for you.

Don’t forget the call to action!

There’s no point telling people all about your new product if you don’t tell them how to get their hands on it. Remember to inform your audience of how they can buy what you’re offering and include the details as a text overlay to. So if you’re saying your website address out loud, it’s also spelt out on screen.

We offer a consultancy service for anyone needing help to start vlogging. We’ll spec out kit for you within your budget and train you how to use it all. For more information, get in touch!