Crosscut Media FAQ’s



How much do you cost? / What are you rates?

We all know that’s why you’re here – we’re not going to make you scroll through a list of 40 questions to find it. Whilst we don’t give our rates away online, we can assure you that we’re highly competitive. Due to the varied nature of video production, we approach every project individually, taking everything into account. We don’t bite – ask us today for a quote and if it doesn’t fit your budget, we’ll see what we can do. We promise we won’t harass you with sales calls!


What determines the cost of a video?

There are so many factors to consider when producing video content – and each of these can affect the overall cost. How many days filming will be involved, and how big will the crew need to be? How much editing time will need to be allocated? Where are we filming and will we require to hire in a presenter, model or voice over artist? How about music? Are you happy using stock music included within the price or do you have something specific in mind? It seems like a lot of questions for an FAQs section, but give us as much information as you can and we’ll do the rest!


What is your booking process?

As with all of our services, we’re very flexible. Usually, it’s as simple as setting a date with you during pre production and seeing you then. Occasionally, for instance if the project has a lot of upfront costs like hotels and kit hire, we’ll ask for a small deposit.


Do you hold public liability insurance?

Of course! We wouldn’t dream of working without it. We’re insured up to £5m, and our certificate is available on request.


Why should we work with you instead of creating our own content?

It’s true, it’s becoming increasingly popular to create your own content with your smartphone and video editing apps. At the end of the day it comes down to 2 questions.

  1. Are you bothered about quality? Yes, you can record some pretty high quality video with an iPhone these days, but what about sound? What about actual content? Always remember that these videos are going to represent your brand – they’re not just a box ticking exercise. We strive to provide high quality, engaging content using our wealth of experience and high quality equipment.

  2. Do you have the time? It’s not as simple as just picking up your phone and recording something. What are you going to talk about? What extra shots do you need? How long will it take you to edit? All of that planning and producing takes time – do you have it?


Who will be our point of contact?

We’re a small company – and with that comes an extremely personal service. Each project is assigned to just one person who will work on it with you from start to finish.


What format will our videos be delivered in?

We’re easy! If you really want a 4:3 WMV with a bit rate of 2mb/s (not sure why anyone would want that…) then so be it! We can deliver in most formats, but for the majority of our work, we provide a high quality, HD MP4 file. This is a happy medium between quality and size which allows you to easily publish and distribute across all of your channels.