Here at Crosscut, we have been working in the theatre sector for several years now. We produce a wide array of content for theatres including content for electronic press kits (EPKs) such as production trailers, rehearsal trailers, cast interviews, voxpops and more! Here are some examples of an insight into some of the different projects for theatre content!
At Crosscut, we have been working in the theatre sector for several years now, and produce a wide array of content such as production and rehearsal trailers.
Interested in aerial footage in your video content?At Crosscut, we have recently invested in the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone!
Whether you’d like explainer videos, character animations or short films, we’ve got it covered.
We have been working with Leicester Comedy Festival since 2016 - producing their photo and video content, archival content and general event coverage.
Meet the team with some fun facts from our Q&A!
Working with the design team from Curve, we shot the cast in front of a large green screen to create assets that are going to be used as part of the production. 
Working with Curve Theatre to produce a music video of Dorothy arriving in Leicester, ready to the perform the show.
Crosscut's charity fundraiser in support of Thera Trust.

The Color Purple - EPK

November 23, 2022
We had the pleasure of working with Curve Leicester and Birmingham Hippodrome, producing the EPK for the UK tour of 'The Color Purple'.
When producing a video with us, as part of the pre-production process we’ll find out where the video is being used. This will affect the size of the end deliverable.
The clapperboard isn’t just a novelty item, it serves a very important purpose within video and film production.
Today’s video is all about thumbnails and their importance. As with most things in the realm of marketing, thumbnails are all about psychology.
You don’t need us to tell you that video is powerful. But what makes it so powerful?
Live streaming can be broken down into two stages - the video production side and the IT side. Today I’m going to be talking about the production side of live streaming. 
Today we’re delving into one of my favourite topics - the importance of music and sound design. You will not believe the difference a well selected music track can make to a piece of video content.
Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Inspirate to create a documentary that poses the question ‘Where is Home?’
Although you can sometimes be limited with options, there are usually ways to repurpose your content for a different platform - here are some examples. 
Today’s video is all about what can be live streamed. That’s probably the wrong way to phrase the question - it’s not about what ‘can’ be live streamed, it’s about what ‘should’ be live streamed.
We produce a wide array of content for theatres including content for electronic press kits (EPKs) such as production trailers, rehearsal trailers, cast interviews, voxpops and more.
Although it’s rare to find people animating by hand drawing frame by frame these days, animation is still a highly skilled and intricate process. In this video, I’m going to take you step by step through the animation process. 
We’re very lucky at Crosscut to have a huge arsenal of ever improving video production kit. But having the best kit doesn’t mean that we can automatically make incredible video content.

6 month content plan

April 27, 2022
Here at Crosscut we have developed the 6 month content plan which results in weekly, high quality, relevant content shared on your online channels. 
Look online and you’ll find an abundance of websites offering incredible, fully customisable animation created in your browser at the click of a button...
Made more popular by gamers, the terms refresh rate, resolution, 4k, UHD are casually thrown about into a confusing mash up of technical chaos. So really what is the difference?
The process behind creating the TV Advert for Beautiful - The Carole King Musical.
Our Advert for the play Private Peaceful, based on the book by Michael Morpurgo has gone live!
Video may be an incredibly engaging medium, but when it's live, it's on a whole new level.
It’s an age old question - how long is a piece of string? Or more relevant, how long should an animated video be?
Video content is known to be the most engaging way of reaching potential customers. But that doesn’t mean that you can simply make and video, put it online and watch the sales flood in.

The Clearcast Process

March 02, 2022
Clearcast are an independent organisation who check adverts before they are aired on both broadcast channels and video on demand channels.
An exciting new project which saw us creating three music videos with the cast and creatives of the new Beautiful - The Carole King Musical.
Each platform has its own pros and cons depending on what you’re streaming and how much control you require. 

The Crosscut studio

February 16, 2022
Brand new in 2021, we're really pleased to have opened our own photo and video studio.
Sometimes it may prove difficult to gain the photographic or video release of subjects for an interview. To work around this challenge we have used animation to characterise that person, ensuring that their anonymity is retained.
Depending on the type of production you could have 1 or 2 members of crew or literally hundreds! Here are a few roles which you may not know about…

Youtube and VOD pre-roll

January 26, 2022
They may be a little irritating, but ads on the likes of Youtube, All4, SkyGo are extremely effective for advertising campaigns.
Sometimes, whilst using live action video seems like the obvious choice, animation can be a better option that you've not even considered.
A list of the top 5 videos we have produced for Leicester Comedy Festival
Today we're talking about 6 of the most common types of video content we produce and why they're important.

Out of Home advertising

December 22, 2021
Video isn’t exclusively for Youtube and TV anymore - you can get your brand into the eyes of shoppers and commuters by using digital billboards.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the term 'hybrid' became all the rage, from hybrid working through to hybrid events. But what exactly is a hybrid event and are they here to stay?
There are a couple of key points about the green screen itself you should know before using/booking/buying a green screen.
The use of animation makes it easier to explain and show complex processes or ideas in a simple and easy to digest way.
Here are our 5 steps to producing video from script to screen.
To get the most from your video content, it's best to devise a strategy.
Here are 5 of our top picks for live streaming in 2021.
Today’s video is all about the top 5 reasons shooting in a studio could be a good idea.
By using bespoke animation you can produce imagery your viewers can relate to such as recognisable buildings, websites and products.
Flashback to 1999. You type in "888" on Teletext and you’re magically presented with subtitles on your TV.


August 05, 2021
We were thrilled when Leicester International Music Festival returned to us this year to help them produce some additional concerts featuring young artists.

Cadent Success Stories

July 30, 2021
We worked with Cadent on a series of videos for the safety roadshow.

Magic Goes Wrong

July 30, 2021
Magic Goes Wrong starts its UK Tour. Here's our tour trailer.
Crosscut Studio's Terms and Conditions for use.

Crosscut Studio FAQs

July 07, 2021
Answers to the frequently asked questions regarding our photography and video studio.

LIT On Demand

June 24, 2021
Following a sell-out run in 2019, this thrilling new version of Sophie Ellerby’s LIT has been specially filmed for audiences to enjoy at home.
We recorded with Andrew Lloyd Webber for Curve theatre's reopening.
Live streamed event for Let's Dance International Frontiers for Leicester charity Serendipity.
So your video's finished, now what do you do with it? Let us give you a 5 step guide on the best way to post it.
All you need to know about what specifications your video needs to be for each social media platform.

The Color Purple at Home

March 30, 2021
Following on from the phenomenal success of Sunset Boulevard at Home live stream, Curve Theatre puts on a production of The Color Purple.
On the 27th and 28th of March, we live streamed 2021's Festival of the Artisan.
How we're staying covid-secure on set in 2021.

Sunset Boulevard at Home

January 10, 2021
It was extremely exciting, when Curve Theatre in Leicester approached us about taking their production of Sunset Boulevard online.

They Can't Cancel Christmas

December 23, 2020
In November 2020, we teamed up with Leicester City Council and Curve Theatre to help bring a virtual Christmas light switch on to the city of Leicester.
Key information about how we're making sure our sets are COVID safe for all of our clients and staff.
Midlands Movies Awards is another smash hit! Read more to find out who won.
After 19 days, 135,000 audience members and 53,400 minutes of comedy, Leicester Comedy Festival 2020 has finished!
Once again, we joined forces with The Wedding Academy and a large team of wedding professionals to produce the International Wedding Trend Report video for 2020.
We were approached by Holovis to create a brand new showreel that Holovis can show off at the IAAPA.

IOSH at Samworth Brothers

November 13, 2019
We had the pleasure of filming with for IOSH recently to advertise their health and safety courses to businesses.

Smith Brothers Stores

November 05, 2019
We were approached to find a way of explaining in a simple but eye catching way SBS's level experience, their simple ordering process and their quantity of stock.

Introducing... Fishbulb Films

September 12, 2019
Here at Crosscut we’re very proud to launch our new creative arm, Fishbulb Films.

My Mind Matters - VASL

September 09, 2019
Our series of videos for the My Mind Matters Campaign from VASL.

Loros Hospice: #ProjectRobin

September 02, 2019
We were thrilled to be asked back to produce a video campaign for ‘#ProjectRobin’
Curve Theatre's next season has been announced! Read more about our impressive live stream of the event.

Circuit Breakers 2020

August 22, 2019
Circuit Breakers is a part of Leicester Comedy Festival's charity campaign to help up and coming comedians.
A live stream from the Departure Lounge Festival.
Bollywood Jane is showing at Curve Theatre between 2nd-11th of August, and we had the amazing opportunity to film it in rehearsal.
Bespoke for Pall-Ex we created an animation which showcases their 5 star services.

Healthy DMU

June 05, 2019
A series of DMU training films to help inform academics about the support services available to their students.
Here are some of the top tips when considering organising a drone shoot for your project.
A behind the scenes look at Curve Theatres latest musical The Color Purple.

Wedding Academy - France

April 17, 2019
A behind the scenes look at working with the Wedding Academy in France.
How, why and when should you caption your videos?
The awards are in... and the winner for best awards ceremony goes to... Midlands Movies 2019!
The inspiring story of Alice Hawkins' was brought to life on the 3rd of March with an incredible video projection mapped onto the Corn Exchange, Leicester.
After 19 days, 847 shows and 50,820 minutes of comedy, Leicester Comedy Festival 2019 has finished!
The nominations for the 3rd annual Midlands Movies Awards are in!

The Nail That Sticks Out

December 07, 2018
A behind the scenes look at ambitious short film The Nail That Sticks Out, directed by Jordan Dean.
Journeys Festival International is a festival that celebrates the creative talent of refugee and asylum seeker artists.

The brand new Crosscut HQ!

September 21, 2018
Crosscut's new office at The Innovation Centre

Leicester College in 4K

August 30, 2018
Leicester College in 4K!
Choose your adventure through De Montfort University with this interactive game!
"Hey, so how does this video production thing work". Let us walk you through it...
LOROS Twilight Walk 2018 was a roaring success! Read about how it went.
Crosscut welcomes Jordan Dean onto the team from the DMU Graduate Champions scheme.
Here we list our 5 top tips for traveling abroad for work. From how to pack your bags to protect equipment, to insurance to make sure you're covered.
The Leicester Comedy Festivals 25th year (which makes it the UK's longest running comedy festival) is over! Check out how we got on.
It's almost that time of year again! In the run up to the full Leicester Comedy Festival in February they host their Gala Preview Show at De Montfort Hall.

Wonky Veg Boxes

January 04, 2018
Jess Green reads her poem "Mountain of Parsnips", which focusses on the excessive amount of food waste that goes on around the world.

We've gone 4K!

November 30, 2017
Crosscut's kit has moved to 4K!

Event Production

October 30, 2017
Read through to find out how you can make your event look good on camera.
If you are planning on producing your own vlogs, make sure you follow our top tips to keep them looking professional!
This is our video production process and how we make it value for money.
Live videos are becoming more and more important, and soon lots of meetings, events and conferences will take place exclusively online.

Bespoke Animation

September 06, 2017
How do you make your videos stand out and pop from your competitors?

Cabin Zero Bag Packing

August 18, 2017
Watch our product promotional video for Cabin Zero's latest range of travel rucksacks.

Showreel 2017

August 08, 2017
Over the past year we have worked on many projects, working everywhere from potato factories to comedy festivals, and we've decided to showcase some of our favourite bits in our latest showreel!
In this world of fake news and other online fakery - how can you be sure that that testimonial you've just read is genuine? The short answer is, you can't.
A promotional video for a bike ride for Northamptonshire based charity NorPIP.

LOROS Twilight Walk 2017

April 19, 2017
LOROS managed to raise over £50,000 with this charity walk. Read more to find out how.
We are very proud to announce that last night at the Leicester Comedy Festival Awards Ceremony 2017, Crosscut Media won the award for Contribution to Leicester Comedy Festival 2017.

Corrigo Design

March 30, 2017
We were commissioned by Corrigo Design to produce a series of promotional / instructional videos for their range of ergonomic chairs and back supports. Read more here.
Once again, this February we took a deep breath, charged our batteries, wiped our memory cards and ensured we had a stock of tea twice our body weights before delving head first into the absolute chaos of Leicester Comedy Festival 2017.

DMU Disability Support

March 22, 2017
A look into our emotional project with the DAS department at De Montfort University.
A detailed look at our work for the Leicester Comedy Festival Preview Gala Show 2017.
We've all seen Facebook Live taking off in a big way. However, there's more to it than streaming your cat attempting to fit into a shoe box for all of your friends to see.


December 05, 2016
When Kylie and her team for the UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning approached us to produce a live webcast for their trend report pre-launch event, we happily took it on.

Big Difference Company - MiP

November 11, 2016
We were commissioned by Big Difference Company to produce a short sketch to be displayed at the MiP national conference.
The Stand Up Challenge pits business people against each other in a night of stand up comedy.


September 21, 2016
Branston pride themselves on producing as little wastage as possible during their processes and this project was to highlight how they do it.

UKAWEP - September Shoot

September 21, 2016
We're up in Yorkshire filming further promo and course material for the International Wedding Planning Academy.

Inside - Reading Prison

September 08, 2016
We produced a live stream of actor Neil Bartlett reading De Profundis by Oscar Wilde from inside Reading Prison in front of a live audience.

Night of Festivals London

August 14, 2016
We had the honour of returning to work with ArtReach for their Night of Festivals London event.
Working alongside The Reach Partnership and De Montfort University, we went back to film a second round of videos telling the stories of students with disabilities at the University.

Eazi-Apps Testimonials

June 01, 2016
Our latest in a series of testimonials with Eazi-Apps clients which have taken us all over Europe.

Meet the Adopter Webcast

September 10, 2014
We worked with our friends at Kinura to produce a live webcast as part of the on-going 'Meet the Adopter' series.


September 10, 2014
The event, CrashED was an interactive exercise, designed to show students in further education how they could progress from their current courses into higher education. Click through to find out more.